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  • With bypass 12VDC 3000W pure sine wave inverter for RV

    CNBOU's technicians assisted the RV conversion plant to replace the inverter of the original car.

    This Iveco New Daily original motorhome valued at $150,000, because the inverter is installed under the bed and shares a space with the storage box, next to a 220V/1.5HP AC air conditioner outdoor, so the heat dissipation condition is not good.

    The original car is equipped with a 3000W low frequency inverter, but it can’t work anymore. The inverter will alarm when the customer use a 700W kettle. Because the efficiency of a low frequency inverter is usually around 80%, its own heat is very high, and the enclosed space is not ventilated, the inverter is easy to cause problems.

    After equipped CNBOU's 3000W inverter with bypass , the efficiency of 12VDC is increased to 90%. The large heatsink and 120MM*120MM large cooling fan can perfectly solve the heat dissipation problem. After starting the 1.5HP air conditioner for 20 minutes, the temperature inside the inverter below 45 degrees, don’t need to worry too much about heat dissipation.

    The RV users are very satisfied, and the RV modification plant praised our design. We are proud of this.


    2021-05-11 00:00
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